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Our Current Projects 

Rainbow of Hope for Children has completed many projects in the countries where it operates. From building schools and safe houses to providing ways to enhance local culture, we work toward improving the lives of others. To view any of the projects we have done in the past click here!

Women's Training Centre

"The Community House" 

 Through FUNDAHMER, women in Cacaopera already have access to a small adobe structure, which serves as a community center where they come together for collaborative baking, sewing, and cooking projects and for workshops on historical memory, gender justice, self-care, Kakawira spirituality, and ecological well-being. To learn more about this project, CLICK HERE! 

Casa Ambrosina 

One of our partner projects in Brazil, Casa Ambrosina encourages girls and young women to seek out leadership roles and earn new skills. Check out the video to see the AMAZING work going on here!

El Sauce School Garden Project 

Providing curricular and extra-curricular opportunities and activities for children vulnerable to gang recruitment

Project Scope:

to expand curricular and extra-curricular education opportunities, and thereby thwart gang recruitment, for over 1,200 students in the low income urban community of Sonsocate, El Salvador through support of a school mini-farm... To learn more about this project, CLICK HERE! 

The Gift of Sight - A Partnership with The John Fawcett Foundation

In partnership with The John Fawcett Foundation, Rainbow of Hope are pleased to announce that with your help, we helped 2,338 women, men and children with the gift of sight last year. Without your support, these people would have stayed blind. On behalf of all these people, we thank you for your continuing support that enables us to change their lives in such a significant way.

We recently helped Rimayanti (pictured above), an eight-year-old girl from Lombok. She had been blind since birth and had never seen her parents, let alone learn to read and write at school. We brought her to Bali where she was operated by our senior ophthalmic surgeon.

When she first opened her eyes after the surgery she kept holding her father’s hand in total disbelief about the world that was opening up around her. A new life has begun for Rimayanti. See more of her story in the video below, or to see more of what The John Fawcett Foundation accomplishes, please visit their website by clicking here! 

KENYA - Kinyambu and Nzavoni Primary Schools

LOCATION: Kinyambu, Makueni County, Kenya

PARTNER: Kinyambu Rural Education and Community Development

Friends of Kinyambu and the Kinyambu Primary School Library are two parts of a project intended to provide resources needed to improve learning outcomes for students including a library building. The library has been built and is being used by the school community. For more information on this projects, please click here! 

Location: Kinyambu, Makueni County, Kenya

Partner: Kinyambu Rural Education and Community Development

Rainbow of Hope for Children Society (ROHFC) has recently begun to sponsor development projects in Africa, specifically Ghana, Kenya and Tanzania. The need is great there and education, health and agriculture are especially in need of assistance. In visiting other schools in the area it became clear that a nearby school, Nzavoni Primary School, was in dire need of new classrooms and staff working spaces. For more information on this project, please click here! 


PAMBE Ghana, A project to improve primary education quality and access in rural communities.

PAMBE Ghana, a registered non-profit organisation in the US and Ghana, is providing an innovative education program to over 100 children in a remoterural area of northern Ghana (where no school existed before). Rainbow of Hope plans to provide $9,100 CAD a year for 2 years, representing 15% of the PAMBE model school budget. We encourage and thank you for your support.

Click here for project overview!

Click here to read the partnership letter between ROHFC and PAMBE Ghana!

** Donations can also be made online to Rainbow of Hope for Children (For PAMBE Ghana) online at **

Education Complex for Adults 

Click here to view slideshow!

More Projects

GROTA DA ALEGRIA (Valley of Joy)

Citizenship for Women and Youth

LOCATION: Benedito Bentes, near Maceio, Alagoas, Brazil.

PARTNER: Centro de Educaçao Popular e Cidadania (CEPEC) (Centre of Popular Education and Citizenship).

For more information on this project, please click here!

(Above) Crafts for Women and Youth Workshops

Young women and girls participate in a craft workshop to learn skills that will enable them to become self-sustainable. 

How To Become Informed

Read books and articles on the developing world.

Log on to social justice web sites such as:

The Alphonse Gerwing Charitable Foundation

Attend conferences and presentations by speakers from developing countries and local NGO's.

Join a group visiting the developing world.

Get to know people from the developing world who now live in your community.

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